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Write About An Experience That Has Made You More Resilient

I know that, typically, what I write on this site is primarily rooted in evidence-based lifestyle content. I do however enjoy writing other types of things. I pondered setting up a separate blog however I figure, why not have it all in one place? I wanted to share a piece of writing from January of this year that I wrote first thing in the morning in response to the question in the title Write About An Experience That Has Made You More Resilient.

Resilience Defined: The capacity to recover from difficulties. Toughness.

I wonder if I am in fact resilient. I would not describe myself as a tough person, or in the possession of toughness, however, I do know that I can continue to push myself during the most difficult time points. A synonym for resilience is ‘toughness’ which is a word that I feel does not slot well into the vocabulary of my soul. Another synonym however is ‘durability’ or ‘the ability to last’. This, I feel, is more fitting.

The thing is, I am unsure if there is any one experience in my life that has created resilience within me. There have been many moments scattered throughout my life where my actions were the opposite of resilience.

I don’t think I am or am not a resilient person. I think I can be dependent on the calling of a situation. I have been told many times of my own failures and of possible failures. I recognise that my failures are driving factors in my subsequent successes. I suppose that failure has taught me resilience as much as success has.

I think resilience is thought to be a trait of the successful, but I think another trait of success is knowing when to stop. Resilience, I believe, can become desperation in the right (or maybe wrong) circumstances.

I am unsure if any one experience in my life has taught me resilience and if I am in fact a resilient person.

Perhaps I avoid the question because many of my experiences hold pain, and while I still let many of those experiences drive or motivate me, to consider them consciously would reveal a level of anguish that I do not wish to revisit on a Tuesday morning.

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