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Gardening and Mental Health

The Healing Power Of Gardening In January of 2019, the NHS released its new Long Term Plan for the future. It detailed how they plan to tackle the ever-increasing pressure on the staff by redesigning patient care. It emphasised a commitment to provide people with better control and independence over their own health. The plan… Continue reading Gardening and Mental Health


How to Stick to those Resolutions

Welcome back and welcome to 2021! I hope everyone has had a lovely New Year even without the ability to celebrate it together. I, like many people I know, am prone to making New Year’s Resolutions and then never sticking to them. With the start of the new year, I wanted to look at why… Continue reading How to Stick to those Resolutions

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How to Help Feed Those in Need

As I'm sure many of you are aware, yesterday the government voted against extending free school-meals for children during the school holidays until Easter 2021. In a campaign headed by Marcus Rashford, food vouchers were provided from June 16th 2020 to support low-income families during the summer holidays. Unfortunately, in the reviewing of the future… Continue reading How to Help Feed Those in Need

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What My Masters Degree Has Taught Me

Two years ago, I had just started my third year of university. Amidst stressful terms supported by copious amounts of coffee and the attempts to balance nights out to a club with nights out to the library, I remember thinking to myself, what will I do when this ends? What comes after? The reality for… Continue reading What My Masters Degree Has Taught Me